you can’t spell weaboo without “we”. we’re all in this together, you fucking nerds

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Smiling Yuya on a dragon. Thats all I need :3

The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.
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i think the biggest issue the yugioh fandom has to deal with is hardcore 90s kid nostalgiafagging over the original series (and they never fucking stops like on youtube they will always make comments on spinoff anime videos like openings) pestering people for everything about the newest series

as I was away one of my cats pooped in my bed qwq


before tumblr i spent the same amount of time on the computer but i seriously cannot recall what i did 

Sinbad wanted to establish a country which could change the world and acknowledge every person and every country - his actions now show the total opposite - he doesn’t want to prevent the war against Kou, he doesn’t take the Summit seriously and he manipulates all kind of people - I wonder when he realized that his desire was only wishful thinking …


yeah I’m an artist *draws a single basic anime eye*

Morgiana and Hakuryuu | Magi 25 (final)